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1 Day Staff Workshop: Growing Vocabulary

(Pre-K–8 staff and specialists)
The powerful one-day workshop provides invaluable information on the application of all tiers within the Common Core curriculum. Your staff will learn evidence-based vocabulary practices to apply when preparing students for rich, complex text. This fun, interactive workshop gives a foundation in effective vocabulary instruction and provides a host of enriching activities to use immediately.

Navigating Academic Language Workshop and/or Coaching

(Upper Elementary and Beyond)
This engaging workshop or coaching service provides solutions to the challenges students face when trying to successfully read, write, and speak in academic settings. Educators will be excited to receive strategies which prepare their students for today’s more rigorous curriculums and assessments.
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One Stop Word Shop Lesson Book and Coaching

(Grades 3 and Beyond)
Research shows that our lesson book, combined with instructional coaching, increases students’ Tier 2 vocabulary. Designed for grades 3 and beyond, this year-long word study includes quality lessons, engaging text, and multiple approaches to elevating students’ vocabulary.

Content Notebooks: ACES: Active Comprehension Engagement System

An easy to implement framework provides manageable steps for immediate implementation. Our 4-step process is designed to help novice to experience educators manage the abundance of words encountered in today’s diverse classroom. Our data-driven system can be successfully applied in all classrooms for all content areas.

Partnering with Parents

Looking for ways to extend vocabulary instruction beyond the school day? This 1-hour, interactive parent workshop is an effective, fun way to include parents in Common Core conversations. Parents leave with a commercial-quality game, 20 easy vocabulary tips, and literature ideas to promote a lifelong love of words. This is a great “standalone” workshop, or it can be used as part of a literacy night.
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Science Vocabulary in Action

Make a big difference in student engagement and science scores with our Elementary Science Vocabulary Workshop and Resource. View our flyer for more information.
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