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One Stop Word Shop (OSWS) provides solutions related to academic vocabulary instruction and acquisition. Our mission is to empower educators, using research-proven practices, a solution-based perspective, and a child-centered focus to advance students’ vocabulary.

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What students are saying about OSWS strategies and resources:
“I feel smarter because I know these words.”
“They helped me learn more words and what they mean, in a fun way.”
“If you want to sound more mature, you can use these words.”

What educators are saying about our Growing Academic Vocabulary Workshop and Resources:
“You crafted a program that reflects deep thinking about what makes for a teacher- and student- friendly curriculum. Brava!" [Your research] "Looks like a very careful and thoughtful analysis of the program and seems like you are on to something exciting with your work!”  – Harvard Graduate School of Education, Nonie Lesaux’s Research Group

“It’s our favorite time of the day. I love it. The kids think it’s fun!”
– Classroom Teacher

“This workshop was inspiring, fun, and engaging.” – Classroom Teacher

“I can use so many strategies right away.” – Classroom Teacher

“This workshop will make a difference.” – Elementary Principal

What educators are saying about our Active Science Vocabulary Workshop and Resources:
“An absolute great workshop. I will be recommending this workshop to other science directors.” – Fritz Robinett, Science Director Pitt County

“This made a big difference in both our student engagement and science scores!” – Sydney Sikes Grade 5

“Students are thoroughly enjoying such an interactive program. We’ve really been able to engage students and hold them accountable.” – F. Fuller Grade 5

“You have a home run!” – Grade 5 Teacher

“I think this workshop is a must for 5th grade teachers.” – Workshop Participant

Teachers and School Leaders... Make the Grade Better

Email, fax or call to contact us. Register online.
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